Left shoulder circles up and around,

Arms float like the white swan in Swan Lake,


Left big toe perpetually lifts.


I thought I was in control of and deeply sensitive to how my body moves and feels until I watched recent recordings of my teaching.

Some might call it…expressive. Or creative. Or demonstrative.
I call it all over the place!

The good news is that at least the movements in and of themselves aren’t jerky.

But still. (Ohhhh to be still.)

I had no idea.

It is an unfolding practice, this thing called life/living. Not a new concept, but humbling when one is caught off guard with something they thought was in check.

So, I am definitely checked, humbled and still practicing. Just as I strove to reduce filler words and phrases to become a clearer speaker, now I shall strive to reduce my filler moves as I practice noticing my shoulder, arms and toe.

Makes me chuckle, and definitely keeps it real. 

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